About Iain Dawson Gallery


“after years working with artists and galleries, I have been excited by the many emerging artists coming onto the scene. These artist’s are engaging with our region and our place within the global art market, my launching a gallery aims to harness this wealth of creative talent and present exhibitions that champion a strong local and global context. My aim is to allow art lovers to buy into the booming art market while these artists are affordable and in demand.”


Iain Dawson has a decade of experience working within the commercial art world. After graduating from the Australian National University’s Canberra School of Art, Iain lived and travelled in Europe, returning to Sydney in the late 1990’s. Since his return Iain has worked with several high profile commercial galleries, where among his many roles he helped build private and corporate collections. Iain’s most recent role was Art Fair Director at Single Market Events. In 2006 Iain began a Masters of Museum Studies at the University of Sydney.


Iain Dawson Gallery provides the following services –


Private consultancy & collection development


Corporate consultancy & collection development


Venue hire & event management